SSH9400Z Dump semi-trailer

This series of products has two types: rollover and backward rollover; it is suitable for medium/short-distance transportation of bulk goods such as coal, mines, sand and gravel, which can effectively improve the loading and unloading and transportation capacity, and the unloading is convenient, flexible and fast, and can meet various road conditions and loading and unloading need

Products Details


The self-unloading method of the car is side unloading, optional front baffle style, optional hanging door and lower door, optional partial hinge style, optional side style,The side panel can be optionally equipped with vertical corrugated, square tube flat style;Optional locking rod and inner and outer pile styles;Optional beam special-shaped hole structure; optional rear l fence style, optional number plate style,The installation position of the optional hydraulic oil tank, the optional hydraulic oil tank is square or round, the installation position of the optional tail sign board, and the optional rear combination lamp/fog lamp is a circular structure; 1.ABS:CM2XL-4S/2M Manufacturer:Guangzhou Ruili Kormee AUTOMOTIVE Electronic Co., Ltd. 2.Side and rear protective materials are made of Q23.Connection method:Bolt connection for side lower guards/welding connection for rear lower guards,The rear ground clearance:480mm. Rear protective section size:140×50(mm),car length/wheelbase/rear suspension/Corresponding relationship between the distance and dimension of the traction pin to the front end of the vehicle(mm):13000/6880+1310+1310/2300/1200,13000/6780+1310+1310/2250/1350,12500/6480+1310+1310/2100/1300,12000/6280+1310+1310/1800/1300


Product introduction

Dimensions:13000,12500,12000×2550,2500×3500,3300,3100,2900,2700 Cargo size:12900,12400,11900×2470,2450,2400,2350×600 Total mass:40000 Rated contained mass:32500,32800,33180 Curb weight:7500,7200,6820 Saddle quality:16000 Front suspension/rear suspension:-/2300,-/2250,-/2100,-/1800 Acceptance angle/departure angle:-/15,-/16,-/17,-/18 Axle load:-/24000(triaxial group) ABS:exist Identification code:LA9940Z3×××SSH××× Chassis model number of axes:3 wheelbase:6880+1310+1310,6780+1310+1310,6480+1310+1310,6280+1310+1310 number of tires:12 tire specifications:11.00R20 12PR,11R22.5 12PR,12R22.5 12PR front track:- rear track:1840/1840/1840 number of leaf springs:-/4/4/4,-/8/8/8,-/10/10/10

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